Safety is our way of life.

Safety is not just a practice. It is our way of life. At Baker Power & Process, we never compromise safety because we believe that every project can and should be completed injury-free and without incident. Our co-workers learn the latest best practices, hold each other to the highest standard, take accountability for their actions, and look out for everyone’s wellbeing on site. This is our approach to safety―Incident- and Injury-Free (IIF)

Embedded into every level of our company, we support IFF by:

  • Conducting new-hire safety training, weekly toolbox talks, and OSHA recertification training sessions
  • Reviewing risks before mobilization
  • Planning safety into the project
  • Assessing for potential hazards before starting every task
  • Reviewing potential hazards with all craft workers daily
  • Encouraging our co-workers to speak up when they see a potential risk
  • Honoring our co-workers for leading the way with safe practices

The graphic below highlights the core components that form our IIF program.


IIF Core Safety Program Components - Hazard Mitigation Program, Safety Execution Planning Process, Mission Task Analysis, IIF Driven Orientation, Training Program, SSW-Mentor Program